Joey Logano tells a story that still haunts him from last Halloween

This story still haunts Joey Logano to this day. One Halloween past, the unsuspecting Logano came home to horrifying news from his wife Brittany. They would be hitting the town for Halloween dressed as a hot dog and bun.

But the horror doesn’t stop there. Because they got a bit of a jump on things, they were out to dinner in Charlotte around the same time as everyone was getting off from work. There he was, in the middle of a sea of business people in various shades of grey suits and ties… dressed as a hot dog.

Learn from poor Joey here, because he took it all in stride. He said it was a little embarrassing but it was ok, because that’s just who he and his wife are: A hot dog and his bun.

Also, don’t call it downtown, it’s “UPtown.” People from Charlotte can get weird about that.

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