Jay Leno shows off his latest purchase: an all-original 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible

Will Jay Leno ever stop expanding his collection of amazing cars? Probably not. One of the world’s best-known car buffs recently made room for the latest addition: a 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible.

What’s so special about this particular Continental is that it’s completely unrestored and all-original. As Leno points out, only a couple bumps and scraps keep the car from being in immaculate condition. So the story goes, an elderly woman contacted Leno about the car, and he realized she only lived 3 miles from his home. The woman had owned the car since 1966 and was once Marilyn Monroe’s roommate, according to Leno.

The car is also one of 21,347 Continental convertibles ever made, and Leno’s model features a white exterior over a white interior motif. Under the hood sits a 462 cubic inch V-8 engine married to a 3-speed automatic transmission. Naturally, it sports suicide doors, too. The beloved trait might be making a comeback for our modern-day Continental.

Leno talks extensively with John Cashman, a Lincoln expert specializing in Continentals, and the two go over a few of the car’s quirks. One fun fact is the fuel pump, which Cashman advised Leno to change immediately. Since ethanol is more prominent in today’s gasoline, vapor lock is more likely. Without the right fuel pump, Continentals are known for dying on hot days since the pump sits near the warmest part of the engine and it won’t turn back over.

Check out the entire video and dive into the 1966 Continental convertible right up above.

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