The Italian Corvette you had no idea existed

Iso Autoveicoli has been relegated to obscurity for years, his biggest claim to fame came with the creation of the bubble car, a strange three-wheeled car, which only appeared about as stable as a hammock.

But Iso made another car which, according to Road & Track, could aptly be called the Italian Corvette. The embodiment of style and power, the Iso Grifo combined expert Italian styling and engineering from the likes of Giotto Bizarrini and world-class American horsepower, courtesy of a Chevy V8.

The Grifo’s beautiful curves and abrupt grill combine to create a beautiful, unique silhouette that still treat that nostalgic pang we all have for beautiful muscle cars. So it’s nice to know that the Grifo will get some well-deserved recognition in the new Iso Rivolta Chronicles.

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