Instant Karma stars in this street drift clip

Daniel drives a 1992 BMW 5 Series. Daniel loves to drift (a lot). Daniel doesn’t always drift on an official track. Turns out that’s frowned upon by the police.

The driver in question, shown above, was getting off work from an overnight, when he saw an awesome, recently misted, just ready to be drifted upon, roundabout. Seems promising.

Too bad street drifting is illegal, but, thankfully, the only police involved in this scenario were pretty chill. They just told Daniel to “stop driving like a dick,” and, to be fair, Daniel was kind of driving like a dick.

So, to be clear, drifting on the track is awesome; it’s an amazing display of skill and productive practice. But drifting on a public road qualifies as driving like a dick, don’t drive like Daniel, don’t drive like a dick.

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