Infiniti preparing to update its infotainment system

2019 Infiniti QX50, first drive

Infiniti will take steps in 2019 to begin overhauling it’s infotainment system, starting with the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Australian publication reported on Thursday that the Japanese luxury brand promises to deliver a more premium experience with higher-resolution graphics and more features. However, the love-it-or-leave-it dual-screen display will stick around.

Infiniti product strategy vice president Francois Bancon told the publication that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will arrive in 2019, but a full redo of its system will arrive in 2021 with next-generation vehicles. He added that future infotainment screens will be either 12- or 15-inches in size and will boast much-improved accuracy. The cosmetics won’t change nearly as much, but Infiniti will “redesign the whole system behind more capacity, faster reaction time, high definition display, and full connectivity,” Bancon said.

2019 Infiniti QX50, first drive

Speaking of the dual-screen display, he noted customer feedback is actually mostly positive.

“It’s intuitive and it works well. To be honest, only the media complain about the twin display,” Bancon added.

The dual-screen display features a top screen to handle navigation and audio functions, while a lower screen is for vehicle and phone settings. However, looking further out, that could change. Bancon said separating the functions would likely remain, but it could be done on one large high-resolution display.

Bancon also commented on future Infiniti platforms and hinted that the brand could ditch rear-wheel drive as electrification and other technologies proliferate. Right now, Infiniti’s RWD FM platform does not have room for large batteries or support other electrification elements.

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