This incredibly intricate Lego gearbox is a marvel

We are now one step closer to having a working car built entirely out of Legos. Think of all the money you’ll save on body work! You’ll need it for the hospital bills of course, but that small price to pay for the ability to attach custom Bionicle arms to the side of your roadster.

YouTuber Dgustafsson13 came up with the idea of building a gearshift out of the plastic bits and boxes, and the thing actually works! The 17-year-old inventor of car-related Lego gadgets created the gearbox with functioning input and output shafts. To top it all off, you can shift the gears and see the output spin faster or slower depending on what gear you’re in.

The whole thing is incredible, and when there’s actually a fleet of Lego brick laden vehicles patrolling America’s streets, we’ll all have Dgustafsson13 to thank.

And when those cars eventually fall apart, severely injuring everyone inside, from road rattle, we’ll also thank Dgustafsson13, just less politely.

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