Hot Wheels stamps help celebrate 50 years of the toy car

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Stamps

Hot Wheels is rounding out its 50th birthday celebrations this year. Although not nearly as cool as the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Chevrolet Camaro, commemorative Hot Wheels stamps are something any fan can afford.

The U.S. Postal Service announced a collection of Hot Wheels stamps to mark the toy car’s birthday and celebrate some of the wildest designs ever cooked up for our favorite orange race tracks. The stamps made their debut at the Goodguys 26th Summit Racing Lone Star Nationals at Texas Motor Speedway last weekend.

In total, 10 Hot Wheels designs are cemented in history with the stamps designed by Greg Breeding and art director William J. Gicker. Each stamp features a Hot Wheels car, its name, and the words “USA” and “Forever” in one of the corners. That means these are Forever stamps that can be used on 1st Class envelopes even if pricing goes up from the price at which the stamps are purchased.

The cars depicted are from top row left to right and bottom row left to right are:

  • Purple Passion (1990): a purple and green 1950s lead sled.
  • Rocket-Bye-Baby (1971): an aggressive-looking racer with a roof-mounted rocket.
  • Rigor Motor (1994): a coffin-shaped racer with skulls.
  • Rodger Dodger (1974): a muscle car with a massive engine.
  • Mach Speeder (2018): a take on a 21st-century racer.
  • Twin Mill (1969): an iconic design with twin big-block engines.
  • Bone Shaker (2006): a hot rod with a skull for a grille.
  • HW40 (2008): a car introduced to celebrate Hot Wheels’ 40th anniversary.
  • Deora (1968): a custom van and one of the first Hot Wheels, though Deora II is shown on the stamp.
  • Sharkruiser (1987): a carnivore on wheels.
Anyone can purchase the stamps online, by phone, or at any U.S. Post Office location, but don’t expect them to speed up mail delivery times. They’re just for show, and a remarkable way to honor perhaps the most iconic toy car.

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