Hoonigan and Fiat are looking for a female driver to go racing this summer

Calling all lady hoonigans. Your talent is needed. Hoonigan is on the hunt to fill the driver’s seat of its Fiat 124 Spider Abarth rally car and it’s seeking out a female driver.

The 124 Spider Abarth rally car boasts 400 horsepower and needs the right driver to tame the rear tires on a racetrack. This is one heck of an opportunity for a lucky female driver to go racing. Ken Block could use some competition these days.

Our host for this video is Leah Pritchett. Why doesn’t she get behind the wheel of the Fiat? Because rally racing isn’t her thing. She’s used to blasting past 300 mph behind the wheel of a Top Fuel dragster.

All that is required is a simple 60-second video posted to YouTube explaining why the contender is the right woman for the job. Fill out a couple associated requirements, and boom, you may be racing in a few short months in what is arguably, or maybe not so arguably, the coolest Fiat to set tire in the United States.

The submissions already seem to be pouring in with ladies showing off their driving chops and explaining why they’re the best choice to be the next female hoonigan. No matter which lucky woman is chosen, she’ll probably be a much better driver than 95 percent of the population. Fewer phones, more heel-toe, people!

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