Homeless Veteran’s act of kindness gets him a new Truck and Home.

A homeless veteran gave all his cash to a standard motorist. What happened next will restore your faith in people.
Kate McCure gofundme

Johnny Bobbitt Jr. served in the U.S. Marine Corp, and worked as a paramedic before a few bad decisions left him broke and on the streets. Fortunately for Bobbitt, an act of kindness was not gone unnoticed, and his life is changing for the better now.

Kate McClure was stranded on the side of I-95 one night in Philadelphia. She had run out of gas and was all alone. After coming to a stop on the side of the road, she was approached by Bobbitt. He asked her to lock her doors and stay in the car as he walked several blocks to buy her some gas. Bobbitt spent the only money he had knowing the McClure had no money to repay him at the time.

McClure later set up a gofundme with a goal of $10,000 to put toward an apartment for Bobbitt. The campaign struck a chord with the whole country, and she was able to raise $289,000, in 25 days. According to the associated press, the money will go into two trust funds. One will deposit money into a bank account for Johnny to use, and the other will go towards a retirement account.

Bobbitt has since purchased a truck, a computer, and a home. He plans on donating to people and groups that have helped him in the past. The gofundme pages show Bobbitt’s current and past life, and you can get updates on how he’s doing there. The total is now past $400,000 as donations continue to pour in.

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