Here’s why Ryan Blaney decided to forgo a NASCAR tradition after his first win

Typically when drivers win a race, they do a celebratory burnout and show out a bit for the fans cheering them on.

After 23-year-old Ryan Blaney’s first career win at Pocono on Sunday, he opted not to do a burnout. Instead, he rolled his car down the frontstretch and causally pulled his car into Victory Lane.

When Blaney won a race in May in the Xfinity Series, he told reporters he wouldn’t do a burnout when he won a race.

“Everyone nowadays, they go down and do big funky burnouts and tear their race cars up and burn the rear tires off of them and blow them out and ruin the motor,” Blaney said last month according to FOX Sports. “Back in the day they didn’t do that.”

Blaney said he thought it would be cooler to do it the old fashioned way after he won his first race.

“Personally to me, that is cooler than doing a big, smoky burnout and tearing up your race car and hurting the motor,” Blaney said. “That was kind of pre-planned.”

After the win, Blaney was interviewed by Brad Keselowski, and he handled the win like a veteran who had won dozens of races in the past.

The burnouts can damage the car, and Blaney’s way of thinking probably stemmed from his dad, who was a sprint car driver. So Blaney likely saved Wood Brothers Racing some money by not damaging the car, though they gladly would’ve shelled out the money after the win.

Instead of celebrating in front of everyone, Blaney saved his celebrating for later in the comfort of his own home.

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