Here’s the crash and police chase that preceded the nurse being fired in Utah

A video of a Utah nurse being arrested for refusing to give police a patient’s blood sample began circulating last week, and people across the country were outraged at how the police treated the nurse.

The event that led to the nurse’s arrest was a high speed police chase that resulted in a fiery crash.

The suspect swerved in front of a semi-truck and collided into it, which caused an explosion. The suspect died in the crash, and the driver of the semi-truck was transported to the local hospital.

The truck driver wasn’t a suspect, but police still demanded a blood sample from the nurse. When the nurse refused, police aggressively arrested her and caused an ugly scene. The truck driver, William Gray, is also a reserve police officer for the Rigby, Idaho Police Department. Since he wasn’t conscious or a suspect, the hospital declined to give police a blood sample.

The nurse, Alex Wubbles, was arrested by officer Jeff Payne. Payne has been suspended from the blood draw program but is still on active duty with an investigation pending.

Hopefully Gray’s health improves after the scary crash, and hopefully the police department will make amends with Wubbels and the hospital.

(h/t Jalopnik)

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