Here’s how the Chevy II copied the Ford Falcon

When you think back to 1960’s American cars, what comes to mind? For most it’s the Chevelle, the Challenger, the GTO or about a dozen other muscle cars that ruled the streets and have solidified their place in Americana a long time ago.

Few think back to the more simple offerings from big auto makers like the Chevy II Nova or the Ford Falcon. It takes a special person to put these run-of-the-mill economy cars in a YouTube video for a comparison, but luckily we have RegularCars, and Mr. Regular’s take on the 1965 Chevy II.

In this hilarious video, we get a side-by-side comparison of the two cars as Mr. Regular explores all the different ways Chevrolet copied the Falcon in order to release a more mainstream economy car. Mr. Regular expresses his belief that old American cars from the 60’s will outlive us all, and how dangerous and glorious it is to drive one of these old cars.

If by the end of the video you find yourself on Craigslist searching for a cheap Chevy II, don’t worry, we all are.

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