Hennessey’s new $350,000 Velociraptor 6×6 is the coolest truck on the planet.

Hennessey’s Velociraptor 6×6 is the coolest truck on the planet
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The Ford Raptor is a fan favorite for a reason. It packs a ton of power, off-road capability, and style for a reasonable price all things considered. Texas Tuner Hennessey decided that they wanted more, much much more.

They created a completely absurd 6×6 version of the Raptor called the Velociraptor. It was teased at this years SEMA show, and we finally have details on exactly what’s going on here.

To start, this was a new Ford Raptor. From there, Hennessey modified the 3.5-liter EcoBoost six-cylinder with a larger turbo, better intercooler and tuned ECU. These tweaks are good for an amazing 597 horsepower and 622 lb-ft of torque which catapults this heavy beast to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds. That’s small car fast, like small performance car fast. Imagine getting smoked in your Camaro by this thing.

The truck has had frame, chassis and body modifications to fit the additional axle and it all looks totally factory. The Velociraptor uses huge 20-inch wheels with some serious Toyo open country tires, and the performance shocks are made by FOX. You can lock each one of the three axles, and there are even more performance options available if your heart so desires. As if spending $350,000 on a Ford Pickup wasn’t enough, you have to pay more for options like big Brembo brakes, even bigger wheels, LED lighting and custom interior packages.

For those of you reading that want to buy a Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6, you better act quick. They are only making 50 of these end of the world, Zombie-proof trucks and there are a lot of crazies out there with money burning a hole in their really expensive pants’ pockets.

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