Graham Rahal responds to claims that Americans aren’t ready for F1

One of the biggest names in racing rips team for saying it can’t find qualified Americans
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Alexander Rossi, who competed briefly in F1, agreed with Rahal’s take.

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Rahal said he believes there is plenty of talent in the United States, and he said F1 hasn’t given American drivers a fair chance.

Haas Formula 1 team principal Gunther Steiner made controversial remarks about an American driver joining F1, and his comments are sitting well with some American drivers.

Steiner said he wants American drivers on his team to help F1 attract more of an audience in the United States, but he doesn’t believe there are any American drivers who are qualified enough to race in F1.

IndyCar Series driver Graham Rahal took exception to Steiner’s comments, and he called out the team on Twitter and said Haas should give American drivers a chance to compete.

Likely the only way F1 can attract new fans from the U.S. is if it has American drivers to watch compete each week.

If F1 wants to broaden its reach into the United States, it probably shouldn’t have teams criticizing the skills of American drivers.

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