Get ready for the Mercedes-AMG Project One-inspired speedboat from Cigarette Racing

Teaser for Cigarette Racing 515 Project One debuting at 2018 Miami Boat Show

Mercedes-AMG’s Project One hypercar is set to transition from concept to production form this year. It will also serve as the inspiration for a new speedboat from AMG’s partner on the seas, Cigarette Racing, which on Thursday announced the new 515 Project One.

The new boat is scheduled for its world debut on February 15 at the 2018 Miami Boat Show. All we have right now is this teaser shot which suggests the 515 Project One will be based on Cigarette Racing’s flagship Marauder series.

Stretching 51 feet and 7 inches in length, these come with not one but two top-of-the-line Mercury Racing V-8 engines delivering outputs in excess of 3,000 horsepower. With so much oomph, the boats can reach speeds of over 135 mph.

In comparison, the actual Project One is expected to come with over 1,000 horsepower and a top speed someone above 200 mph. Its powertrain will be a Formula 1-spec 1.6-liter turbocharged V-6 working in conjunction with four electric motors: one on the turbo, one on the crankshaft and two on the front axle.

Cigarette Racing began its partnership with AMG in 2007, primarily for organizing joint customer and marketing activities. The partnership has only strengthened over the years as both companies share a similar philosophy: luxury, performance and the highest caliber manufacturing standards.

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