Get ready to be able to race karts at sea

The Norwegian Bliss is turning into the cruise ship of your inner child’s dreams. It’s as if Norwegian Cruise Lines gave Richie Rich design oversight for their ship.

When the ship launches in 2018, it will feature a 1,000 foot, multi-story race track. The cars will top out at 30 mph, which is still acceptably fast for karts, and are electric, so you can still catch some sun on the deck without having to hear the constant whining of  go-karts. Don’t worry, you’ll still get those zoom sounds you desperately love; the go-karts come equipped with speakers in the headrest to give you the illusion that your car is annoyingly loud.

The ship is currently still under construction in Germany, but once it launches, it will complete routes between Alaska and Seattle and the Caribbean and Mexican Riviera. Should be pretty great.

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