Get a grip: 2018 BMW M5 rides on specially engineered Pirelli P Zero tires

2018 BMW M5's custom Pirelli tires

BMW announced on Tuesday it had smashed the record for the longest-sustained drift of 232.5 miles with the 2018 M5, but a tailored set of rubber helped get the job done with BMW driving instructor Johan Schwartz behind the wheel. The new M5 runs a set of specially engineered Pirelli P Zero 20-inch tires.

The M5’s 600 horsepower routes through the car’s new xDrive all-wheel-drive system and to all four wheels wrapped in 275/35 tires at the front and 285/35 tires at the rear. BMW and Pirelli worked together to develop the special Y-rated (in excess of 186 mph) tires with the latest P Zero ultra-high performance tire as a starting point. Like all special tire projects, the M5’s rubber is tuned to work in concert with the chassis and other various components.

Specifically, Pirelli engineers adapted the tread pattern to optimize noise levels, and the team even used a special polymer found in Formula 1 tires. The polymer provides immense grip even in wet conditions, according to the tire company.

Before owners think to replace the tires with something else, engineers went even deeper to ensure the Pirelli tires are second to none. Different layered constructions are used in the front and rear tire carcasses to ensure the finest balance at the front and rear axles.

The tires are simply one of the fine details we’ll look forward to ahead of driving BMW’s latest sport sedan.

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