Gary Paffett said racing at Brands Hatch will strike fear into drivers

A racer thinks a new track layout will “strike fear” into drivers
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New and unique track designs can be tricky for drivers, especially if they haven’t competed at a track in several years.

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters is heading back to the Brands Hatch Grand Prix for the first time since August of 2013, and Mercedes driver Gary Paffett said the layout of the track will be a challenge for the field.

Paffett spoke at the Autosport International, and he said the high speed corners will be challenging for drivers to adjust to in 2018.

“It’s cool and scary,” Paffett said via Motorsport. “We used to be on the Indy circuit – that was scary enough – this year we’re back on the GP circuit.

“The thoughts of those high-speed corners in our cars with the downforce levels we have… they’re impressively fast corners.”

Paffett even said the track will “strike fear” into some drivers because it is “relentless.”

“A few of the guys have raced there on the GP circuit in GTs, but I think it will strike fear into everybody who’s out there in a DTM car because there’s no rest at Brands Hatch; it’s relentless.

“It’s punishing if you make a mistake, so I have no doubt Brands Hatch will be the most difficult and challenging circuit on the calendar, which is great.”

Racing at any new track can be a difficult adjustment for drivers. DTM has competed at Brands Hatch in the past, but the track will have a different feel to it when they return this year. It might take drivers half the race to grow accustomed to track conditions.

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