Furniture Row Racing says it likely won’t run the No, 77 next year

Furniture Row Racing has confirmed what has been reported earlier today — barring a miracle, the team will shutter the No. 77 in 2o18 because it lacks sponsorship.

Barney Visser, the co-owner of Furniture Row Racing, confirmed the news to Kickin The Tires.

“Right now, we don’t have a sponsor lined up for the 77,” Visser said. “There is no way we can run it without sponsorship, so we’re going to have to put it down.”

He said he hoped to bring the No. 77 back, but he doesn’t know when.

Earlier Tuesday, Bob Pockrass of ESPN noted this in a tweet.

This is clearly a blow to NASCAR and drivers looking for a ride. FRR president Joe Garone had previously told that he’s gotten a lot of interest in the No. 77 Toyota.

“There have been some really good drivers that are looking around and that have inquired about the car because I think it is obvious the performance of the car is something any driver would like to be in right now. It hasn’t shocked me; it’s a compliment to the team some of the drivers that have talked to us.”

Bug that may not come to pass — and it might make Martin Truex Jr. happy since he was lukewarm, at best, about a second car. In remarks reported by CupScene, he said:

“On one hand, we are two teams this year for the first time ever, and we’re having our best season. This winter, I was a little nervous because I’m like, ‘Alright, we’re going to two cars. We’ve got a lot of new people here. We’ve got a lot going on. Is it going to take away from our team,’ and it hasn’t, so I don’t really know.”

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