Ford’s baby Bronco will share platform with Focus

Ford's upcoming small off-road crossover SUV

Ford is working on a small SUV with rugged looks to rival the Jeep Renegade, with the company releasing the above teaser shot back in March.

With a new Bronco on the way to join it in a two-prong challenge against Jeep, many have started calling the new small SUV the baby Bronco. Maverick or Timberline might end up as the vehicle’s actual name judging by recent trademark activity.

But the Bronco and baby Bronco will be quite different in philosophy. While the Bronco will be based on the rugged body-on-frame platform of the Ranger mid-size pickup truck, Ford’s man in charge of product development and purchasing, Hau Thai-Tang, revealed Wednesday at an investor meeting that the baby Bronco will share a platform with the new Focus.

2020 Ford Focus Active

The platform is a new front-wheel-drive design capable of spawning vehicles ranging from subcompacts to mid-size cars. The new Focus, which we’ll see next year in Focus Active guise only (shown above), is the first recipient.

The baby Bronco will likely be similar in size to a new Escape SUV currently in the works but will “carry a premium price” due to its “off-road positioning and imagery,” Thai-Tang said at the meeting.

Citing its own source, reported Thursday that the baby Bronco will recall the original Bronco of the 1960s and likely go on sale in 2019 as a 2020 model. The new Bronco is also due in 2019 as a 2020 model.

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