Ford teases Mustang-inspired electric SUV due in 2020

2020 Ford electric SUV teaser via Joann Muller via Michael Martinez

Ford’s performance-oriented electric SUV due in 2020 has been previewed in a teaser sketch.

The sketch reveals the rear of the SUV and confirms the rumors that the Mustang served as inspiration for the styling.

It looks like the Mustang’s three-bar taillight design and flat rear are present, and the powerful rear haunches also look like they’ve been lifted straight off the iconic muscle car.

An early test mule has already been spotted and suggests that more Mustang motifs will feature at the front. The list includes the shape of the headlights, the steeply raked windshield, and the proportions of the nose. The resulting design should be something akin to Chevrolet’s 2019 Blazer, which borrows cues from the Camaro.

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Ford teases Mustang-inspired electric SUV due in 2020
Ford teases Mustang-inspired electric SUV due in 2020
Ford teases Mustang-inspired electric SUV due in 2020
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Ford hasn’t said much of the SUV, but the platform will likely be the new modular electric platform the automaker confirmed in August. The platform is one of a total five modular platforms that Ford will use going forward.

Production of the SUV was originally slated for Ford’s Flat Rock plant in Michigan but is now expected to take place at a plant in Mexico.

Oh, and it will no longer be called a Mach 1, as Ford had suggested in January. Thankfully the automaker has listened to fans and chosen to abandon the idea.

The SUV is part of Ford’s plan to launch 16 electric cars by the end of 2022, some of which are being developed exclusively for the Chinese market. Ford has a dedicated team of engineers working on electric cars. Called Team Edison, the team has greater autonomy than you’d normally find at the automaker in order to accelerate the development process. In addition to electric cars, Ford will also add plug-in hybrid powertrains to core models like the F-150, Escape, Explorer and Mustang in the coming years as part of its electrification plans.

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