Ford rolls out Waze infotainment connectivity for iPhone users

Waze running on Ford vehicle with SYNC 3

Ford in January announced Waze would come to vehicles equipped with its Sync 3 infotainment system.

On Thursday, the Blue Oval officially rolled out Waze connectivity for iPhone users, two months later than it had originally promised.

Ford’s update allows iPhone users to plug their smartphone into the USB cable to display Waze directly on the car’s infotainment screen. Users will be able to access all of Waze’s features and enjoy voice guidance via the crowdsourced GPS application.

The social navigation app also provides users with traffic updates and road conditions ahead. What makes Waze unique is the capability to engage in the experience. While driving, users can share reports from the road, including accidents, hazards, or route changes that were previously unknown. Users are also able to mark where police vehicles are.

Ford and Waze previously said the feature supports all of the latest in-app features, which include the Waze Speedometer, HOV route support, Spotify integration, and “Talk to Waze” voice commands.

For owners yearning for Waze connectivity outside of a Ford vehicle, it soon may be a reality. In January, Waze announced it will work with its SmartDeviceLink (SDL) partnership to bring the capability to more brands in the near future. The infotainment screen support for Waze will also extend to any new app features released in the future.

Owners of 2018 model year Ford vehicles will already have the latest software capable of running Waze right away. For owners of older vehicles equipped with Sync 3, they will need to connect over-the-air or with a USB.

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