Ford dealer creates wild Ranger pickup truck

Dealer-customized Ford Ranger - Image via Motoring

Dealer-customized Ford Ranger – Image via Motoring

The Ford Ranger may have vanished from North American shores years ago, but it’s soldiered on in other countries around the world.

Australia, in particular, has come to adore the mid-size pickup truck. And as sales boom so does the aftermarket. Clearly, the dealership that created this wild Ranger is trying to take advantage of said sales boom.

Motoring discovered the fully customized Ranger for sale at a dealership in the Australian state of Queensland. The truck pretty much includes everything but the kitchen sink.

As advertised, the for sale listing claims “every possible modification you could want; from performance, new interior, to the aggressive all round bar work” is present. There is a 4.0-inch lift and differential drop kit, 20-inch wheels, restyled bumpers, electric side steps, LED light accents, a tailgate cover, and more. Really, it’s as if the dealership said “one of everything” when ordering aftermarket parts. There’s even a Ford Mustang pony badge for…some reason.

At least they’re quality pieces; some of the items are borrowed from Ford’s World Rally Championship partner, M-Sport Ltd.

Mechanically, there are updates, too. The 3.2-liter inline-5 diesel engine, paired to a 6-speed automatic, has been tuned with a performance chip and bears a much beefier growl thanks to an HKS exhaust system. It’s wild but maybe lacks the class found in the recently shown off Valentino Rossi VR46 Ranger.

While this truck is located in Down Under, don’t you worry, one day it seems all but inevitable creations similar to it will exist once the Ranger nameplate is revived in North America, especially if we get a Raptor version.

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