Fisker likely to launch crossover after EMotion sedan

Fisker EMotion

Fisker has yet to launch its six-figure EMotion electric sedan, but the company’s CEO and namesake Henrik Fisker is already talking about what will come after the first car is in customers’ hands.

Unlike the $130,000 EMotion, Fisker said his next car will be affordable and hinted it will take the shape of a crossover.

spoke with the Danish auto designer, and in an interview published Wednesday he said he wants to “take a little bit of risk when it comes to design.”

Henrik Fisker

Fisker’s career has given us the design for the Aston Martin DB9, BMW Z8, and of course the Fisker Karma (now a Karma Revero). For his next electric car, expect something incredibly futuristic looking but also very versatile, Fisker said. He believes his company has to be somewhat radical to sway buyers away from traditional automakers, as well as Tesla.

The future electric crossover will also have a 400-mile range like the upcoming EMotion sedan. Right now, the range rating comes from an LG Chem lithium-ion pack. It’s essentially a placeholder until Fisker finishes work on solid-state batteries it is developing in-house. Fisker himself has commented that he imagines the new batteries will be ready sometime after 2020, but no promises so far.

The EMotion sedan is scheduled to arrive in 2020, but the company is also open to delaying the car if the solid-state batteries have a chance to launch with the car.

Fisker EMotion

The company’s timeframe for solid-state batteries is very optimistic compared to other automakers, which don’t foresee the batteries arriving until the middle of next decade. The manufacturing processes for solid-state batteries in automotive applications don’t exist today, and they perform quite poorly in cold temperatures.

Fisker’s affordable electric car has nearly been given the OK from a design standpoint and the CEO said the car will absolutely blend beauty and usability. It is set to debut sometime next year, or at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show at the latest.

Should it reach production, Fisker said he hopes to manufacture hundreds of thousands of them at a plant in the United States.

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