First look at new Opel design language, GT X Experimental concept

Opel on Wednesday provided the first look at a new concept car previewing the design destined for models arriving in the mid-2020s.

The concept is called the GT X Experimental, and it’s been designed under the themes of “bold and pure” that characterize Opel’s latest design language. The full reveal will come later this year.

Key to design is the new face where two strong axes intersect at a prominent logo in the front grille. The vertical axis is emphasized by a central hood crease while the horizontal is emphasized by a chrome strip and wing-shaped daytime running lights.

You’ll also notice the lack of a traditional grille and air intakes, suggesting the GT X Experimental is an electric car. The blacked-out section, which Opel calls the Vizor due to a similar shape to a motorcycle helmet’s visor, integrates cameras and sensors required for future self-driving systems destined for Opel’s cars.

Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller with the GT X Experimental concept

Finally the X in the name signifies that we’re looking at an SUV of some sort. Opel started the naming practice for its off-road-oriented models like SUVs and soft-roaders in 2016 when it unveiled the Mokka X.

Coinciding with the arrival of the GT X Experimental will be the introduction of new brand values emphasizing Opel’s German roots and accessible yet still exciting offerings, which the concept is meant to embody.

“We need to strictly follow our brand values in everything we do,” Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller said in a statement. “The identity of our brand is our future; that is why I charged our design and engineering teams with visualising these values by means of a concept car.”

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Opels designed under the bold and pure themes were only conceived following the automaker’s sale by General Motors to France’s PSA Group last year, which is why the cars are still a few years out. Over the past year Opel has focused on cutting costs and improving efficiencies, which has already resulted in the automaker this month announcing its first profits in almost two decades. The next steps will be to swap from GM to PSA Group platforms, expand into new markets, and add more electrified models including electric cars.

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