First details on Lamborghini Aventador successor

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Lamborghini has just introduced the 759-horsepower Aventador SVJ but information on the new supercar to replace the whole Aventador line is starting to surface.

published a report Friday detailing rumored changes taking place behind the scenes at the Volkswagen Group’s premium brands, one of which is a transfer of Lamborghini from Audi to Porsche.

The transfer is said to be a precursor to the greater integration of technology between the Porsche and Lamborghini brands in an effort to curb costs, including sharing of platforms, but according to the report the development of the Aventador’s successor is too far down the road to change now.

The car, expected around 2022, will reportedly stick to a carbon fiber monocoque chassis of Lamborghini’s own design. Meanwhile the body is said to feature an aggressive wedge shape accented with signature Lamborghini “Y” motifs.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

The car will also stick with a V-12 engine, one mated to plug-in hybrid technology as confirmed by Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali in April. said the setup will consist of 770-horsepower V-12 mated to a dual-clutch transmission, plus a trio of electric motors adding 402 hp for a combined output approaching 1,200 hp.

The car is said to feature two of the motors at the front axle to aid handling and form an all-wheel-drive system, plus a single motor at the rear axle to aid the engine. All three motors would also recover energy to charge a battery.

A similar setup would likely feature in the Huracán’s successor, which is also confirmed to go the plug-in hybrid route, though detailed plans for this model aren’t locked down yet. reported that Lamborghini wants to base the Huracán’s successor on a carbon fiber monocoque related to the Aventador successor, but pressure from Audi and Porsche could see the Italian firm used a new modular sports car platform that’s been on the drawing board at Porsche for some time. The platform, which can support plug-in hybrid and even electric powertrains, could be used not only for the Huracán’s successor but also a redesigned R8 and the on again/off again Porsche 960.

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