Ferrari owner gets hilariously owned for parking illegally

We have all thought about it. You see a no parking sign, but think you can get away with it and take the chance. The consequences are known and you take the gamble, win or lose. Now it is one thing to risk getting a ticket or getting your car towed if you get caught, but why on earth someone would park where its clearly marked that an antique show is going down the next day? You should know that there are hundreds of tables, thousands of people and millions of chances your car is going to get scratched, dinged, dented or worse. To top it off, in the video, the driver who took this dangerous path drives a white Ferrari!

Now this situation would suck for anyone because you’re basically stuck after they set up the whole show around you, but for him any potential damage to his car could cost thousands and it would have been all his fault.

The Ferrari had to inch out very slowly and even had the gall to yell at people in his way. It probably would have been easier to just enjoy the show and wait it out. Who knows, he could have found a cool antique Ferrari plaque or something.

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