The Fate of the Furious actually made one of its impossible stunts possible

All of the Fast and Furious movies are essentially dramamentaries, chronicling the travails of a motley group of street racers, and a law enforcement professional, “cop” in youth-centric jargon, as they advance from street races in L.A., to street races in Cuba, to some street races in Tokyo, to some high-end crimes, and eventually to tracking nefarious criminal masterminds. It’s the classic hero’s arc, and a completely reasonable story progression.

Sarcasm aside, there is one scene that stuck out to Rob Dahm as extra improbable. Can Dom really win a race driving backwards? So Dahm headed straight to the Fast and Furious garage to find out. Turns out the answer is maybe. The transmission in the car in question is from a tractor with gears in forwards and reverse, so yeah, maybe?


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