Fans jump in to caption photo of Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace asks fans to caption his photo, and they jump in

Then they decided to have a little fun by asking for caption suggestions for one particular tweet.

People who follow RPM on Twitter were more than happy to supply some great captions. Many, like these, tied into Wallace’s good friendship with Ryan Blaney. I particularly like the one about piercings.

And then there was this next one poking fun at Wallace and his sense of direction.

One fan reached back to an event 6 years ago to point out that NASCAR frowns on tweeting from a race car…except it was a $25,000 fine, not $10,000.

One fan managed to work in Danica Patrick’s supposed new relationship with Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers.

Be careful what you ask for.

Bubba Wallace spent most of his day Friday in marketing photo shoots and doing media interviews. All pretty standard stuff for the latest rising star in NASCAR Cup racing. The folks at Richard Petty Motorsports tweeted about it.

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