Fans can vote on the Alt-Driver NASCAR Cup series awards for 2017

Fan voting is now open for the Alt-Driver NASCAR Cup series awards for 2017
NASCAR World via Twitter

The NASCAR season has a number of memorable moments. Dale Jr. announced his retirement. Danica Patrick announced she would wind down her career. Martin Truex Jr. won the championship while his life  partner battled cancer.

What were the best moments? Who was the best driver?

Alt-Driver readers, through their voices, can help us determine the winners of the Alt-Driver awards.

This week, readers can vote on the following categories, and the winners will be announced each day between December 25 and Jan. 1

  • Most memorable moment
  • The biggest surprise of 2017
  • Best race
  • Story of the year
  • Crew chief of the year
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Driver of the Year
  • Most popular driver

We’ll give you several chances to vote, and we’ll also run some of your comments along with the stories.

And while we’ll run all of these polls with individual stories this coming week, here are all of them, in case you want to look here, too:

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