Fan voting open for Alt-Driver most memorable NASCAR moment of 2017

Fan voting is now open for the Alt-Driver most memorable NASCAR moment of 2017
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There were all sorts of memorable moments in NASCAR in 2017, but these five are among the best. By taking our poll below, you can tell us which one you believe should be the Alt-Driver NASCAR Cup Series moment of the year. In no particular order, here are the finalists.

Busch said he got “dumped” at the end of a wild Las Vegas race, while Logano said he was just racing hard. Busch took exception, and punched Logano. As you can see, Busch was the one who left bleeding,

The Denny Hamlin-Chase Elliott confrontation

You could argue that this one had several moments, but this is the one the started it all. With three laps to go at the Holiday Casino 400, Hamlin put the bumper to Elliott — who was in the lead — and sent him into the wall. The move resulted in Elliott retaliating at Martinsville.

Martin Truex Jr and Sherry Pollex cry during Dale Jr’s introduction

This could be the most touching moment of the season. With Dale Jr retiring himself, he gave an amazing introduction at the NASCAR Awards ceremony that reduced the regular season champion and his life partner to tears.

After his final race, Dale Jr. turns Miami into a gigantic beer party

There are so many outstanding moments related to this race. Dale Jr. and Rick Hendrick giving each other a huge bear hug. Dale coming out of his car one last time ti the cheers of the crowd. But this seems to be the coolest. There’s Dale Jr., just chillin’ with this guys, enjoying a beer on the track.

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Matt Kenseth goes out a winner

The classy driver announced he was stepping away from racing after Joe Gibbs Racing decided to replace the 45-year-old with 21-year-old Erick Jones. So Kenseth wrote his own story book ending. He showed he can still win races by doing so in Phoenix.

So there you have it. Which of these moments are your favorite?

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