F1 CEO said the sport needs a change for more compelling races

CEO is so concerned about his product on the track he’s calling for changes
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Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey hasn’t been shy about stating what he thinks needs to be changed in the sport, and he’s already made changes on and off the track.

After the season concluded at Abu Dhabi, Carey said it was a great show and event, but he was displeased about the racing itself. He said after the race that sport needs better racing and closer competition, and what he saw at Abu Dhabi was unsatisfactory.

“Abu Dhabi puts on a great show and a great event,” Carey said via AutoSport. “But the race in Abu Dhabi was not what we want in the sport today.

“I think there’s broad-based agreement amongst the teams.

“Obviously on specifics there’ll be differences, but there’s broad-based agreement on things we need to do to make the competition better, make the action better.”

One major issue has been the lack of overtaking. This year saw a record-low number of overtaking, and it was likely a result of wider and faster cars.

Carey suggested that more parity was needed where “other cars have a chance to win, have the unexpected happen.”

He said F1 has the star power to be more captivating, but there needs to be more drama and more action on the track during races. Carey said he is looking for ways to engage fans, and he wants to make F1 a “spectacle.”

It’s a good sign that Carey has identified there’s an issue with the product during races, and he wants to be proactive in fixing the problem. He noticed the product wasn’t great in the dull season finale, and now he’s searching for a solution.

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