An escaping convict was stopped by a vigilante key fob

Finally, those proximity keys did something right! Usually, those keys are more of a nuisance than anything else. They run through batteries faster than an old Gameboy, they add unneeded complexity and they are so much easier to lose. In this case, however, a proximity key did its best Batman impression and detained an escaping convict until the police could catch up.

An AP report says that a prison inmate, Ezekiel Stevenson, attempted an escape from the hospital by ripping a driver out of their car and speeding away. Only one problem, the speeding away part was tougher than expected. When the convict ripped the driver from his seat, he was also removing the key fob that was still in the driver’s pocket.

Armed with just that key fob, the would-be victim of a hijacking shut down the car and kept the convict from locking the doors until the police arrived and chased Stevenson into the woods where he was later caught.

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