Electric self-driving semi concept previews Ford’s long-haul vision

Ford Trucks F-Vision Future Truck concept

Ford isn’t exactly known for semitrucks around the world, but that may soon change. At the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany on Thursday, Ford showed off its F-Vision Future Truck concept.

Ford Otosan, based in Turkey and the automaker’s largest commercial vehicle production base, debuted the F-Vision as an electric tractor with Level 4 self-driving capability. It’s the company’s first concept truck and it focuses on a future where semitrucks feature lightweight construction and zero emissions.

The concept truck debuted alongside the F-Max tractor at the IAA show, which was awarded 2019 International Truck of the Year.

Ford didn’t detail the powertrain behind the F-Vision concept truck, however. Nor did it provide estimated power or range ratings.

Instead, Ford focused on the semi’s design. The F-Vision was inspired by Marvel characters, the automaker said, and the way they change and adapt to environments. The motif is most present in the glass line, which descends and increases the field of view for an operator inside the cab.

When the F-Vision is operating in self-driving mode, the glass line blends back into the bodywork to echo the streamlined shape of the truck. The shape itself is very familiar compared to future semi concepts we’ve seen from Tesla and others, though the large LED lights certainly mimic the F-Series sold in the United States.

The semi’s adaptable nature also comes with the F-Vision front face. Ford said an “interactive front end” can display different designs and communication methods, but didn’t go into further detail. The staple Ford oval is also missing in action in favor of a back-lit badge spelling out “Ford.”

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The F-Vision is simply that: a vision. However, it could foreshadow experimental elements coming to future Ford trucks in other parts of the globe.

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