This driver ignores the car they just hit even with dashcam evidence

Dash cams seem to come stock on every vehicle east of Ukraine, but the option is beginning to look much more attractive in the U.S. This poor driver was minding his own business when a Dodge Charger materialized from a nearby parking lot and sideswipes him, and doesn’t┬ástop!

The victim follows the Charger back to its residence before confronting the two people in the car about what in the world was going on when they hit him and kept driving.

To be fair, it looks like the guilty party was coming from Chick-fil-a, which is delicious. Maybe the two had waited all day for some delicious goodness and just couldn’t wait to get home and sample their prize.

On a side note, don’t follow people home. That mess is super dangerous. Just call the cops and file a report.

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