Daniel Ricciardo does San Francisco to Vegas in an F1 car

Road trips are almost an essential part of life. You break away and hit the open road leaving your daily stress points in the rearview mirror. Part of what makes a road trip a trip is having the right car at your disposal.

If you’re Formula 1 racer Daniel Ricciardo, that car would be built by Red Bull Racing, specifically the team’s RB8 from 2012. While you don’t an engine that can spin up to 15,000 rpm for such a trip, it’s what Ricciardo is using to explore some of the great sights in the United States.

Ricciardo is itching for a road trip, and he packs the most essential item in his possession. That would be the steering wheel to his race car. Once he arrives in San Francisco, he sets off to check out the Golden Gate bridge as well as downtown. From there, he heads east towards Monument Valley and he gets the true road trip experience of being stuck behind slower moving traffic. To be fair though, pretty much everything out there would be considered slower moving traffic.

After the majesty of the valley, Ricciardo points the nose of his racing machine toward the bright lights of Sin City. Daniel rips down the Las Vegas strip where he weaves through traffic and passes a conveniently placed Aston Martin DB11 (Aston Martin is a title sponsor of Red Bull). A quick u-turn brings him back toward his hotel where befuddled valets are left to figure out how to park this thing.

They won’t get far though, as Daniel packs up his steering wheel and heads on into the casino. His pit crew is likely to be a bit miffed though because Ricciardo is looking to party a bit and won’t be up for his assumed early call time. The road trip has to continue though, as the video suggests at the end. Where’s the final destination?

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We can only assume it’s Texas because Ricciardo has to get to COTA by October to race in the United States Grand Prix. See you in Austin, Ricciardo!

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