Danica Patrick’s NASCAR career comes to an early end with a wreck

Danica Patrick’s career ends with a trip to the infield care center
Jared C. Tilton / Stringer

Danica Patrick’s final NASCAR race came to an early end with 19 laps remaining in Stage 2 with a multi-car crash.

As Chase Elliott made a push on leader Ryan Blaney, Brad Keselowski made contact with Elliott’s car. Elliott slammed into the wall, and several other cars were swept up into the wreck.

Elliott’s car bounced off the wall into Patrick’s car, and he also made contact with Kasey Kahne. Keselowski and Kevin Harvick were also caught up in the damage.

Patrick was cleared after making a trip to the infield care center as a precaution. Here’s a look at the damage to Patrick’s car.

Patrick still has one race remaining in her racing career as she will compete in the Indy 500 in May, but her time in NASCAR ends in disappointment.

It was also a disappointing finish for Elliott, who was challenging for Ryan Blaney for the lead. He made an aggressive move, but it happened at the same time Keselowski was also making a move to gain position.

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