Dale Jr. asks fans about pedicures, they respond in hilarious fashion

Dale Jr. asks fans about pedicures and they respond in hilarious fashion

That one question got over 900 comments! Then comes the next tweet where he now mentions getting a pedicure. Fans just lit up on that one.

You know that a guy like Jr getting his feet worked on was going to generate some pretty hilarious responses. They didn’t disappoint.

One fan even suggested that Jr had sold out by getting his feet worked on.

One fan thought it would be a good idea to keep the NASCAR sponsor connections going.

Guys were overwhelmingly against Jr. going through with it, suggesting he do whatever he could to exit the situation.

In the end, seems like Dale, Jr. didn’t really mind it at all.

I guess nothing is off limits or too embarrassing when it comes to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. At least where Twitter is concerned.

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