Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses one NASCAR rule he hates

Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn’t shy about voicing his displeasure with rules or things he believes NASCAR needs to change.

His latest target is the front splitter that NASCAR mandated Cup Series race cars had to have starting in 2007. Earnhardt said on his weekly podcast that the front splitter is limiting for race cars.

“I know I have opinions about the car,” Earnhardt said. “I hate the splitter. In my opinion, the splitter came with the wing. That was strictly an attempt to … they did want to limit travel with the splitter.”

Earnhardt believes the addition of the front splitter was designed to attract younger NASCAR fans.

“I understand that the splitter was there to limit travel, but I’ve always thought the wing and the splitter was like a desperate attempt to grasp at the younger demographic,” Earnhardt said. “This tech-and-tune generation, these kids that put all this tech into their cars. If you go to the (NASCAR Technical Institute,) you’ll see these kids with wings on everything.

“They’ll put a wing on anything.”

Earnhardt said the splitter equalizes the field—especially on downforce tracks. He also said there isn’t much disparity in speed between first and 25th, and it’s frustrating for him because every car is basically the same.

The rule has been in effect for a decade, but it will be intriguing to see if NASCAR decides to tweak it in the near future.

(h/t Autoweek)

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