Custom 1966 Buick Riviera stops by Jay Leno’s Garage

There’s always room for another restomod in the automotive world, especially when the attention detail is akin to what we have here. This custom 1966 Buick Riviera stopped by Jay Leno’s Garage and it is an utter labor of love.

The owner of the shop responsible for the build, Randy Clark, gladly tells the story of how this Riviera came to be. Starting with a 3.5-inch roof chop, the build began to take shape as a custom low-rider of sorts, sitting atop airbags that can be controlled to the driver’s liking. The overall identity of the car remains intact, as it’s clearly a 1966 Buick Riviera, but the final touches help bring out its show car potential.

Speaking of the final touches, let’s talk about the paint for a moment. Clark says 1,500 hours were need to achieve the sparkling, orange-yellow hue alone. The official hue is called “Pagan Gold Candy” and it features metallic sparkles running along both sides and in stripes running from the hood to the trunk. Extra splashes of sparkles can be seen elsewhere, too. Naturally, we doubt the video does the incredible paintwork any justice.

Popping the hood reveals a stock 425-cubic-inch V-8 engine with the classic Buick nailhead configuration, a stark contrast from the exterior of the car, yet suiting. It echoes the interior of the car as well, which has received some modern touches and style but remains fairly true to its original state. Plus, it’s hard to argue with how cool the Riviera’s dashboard looks.

Grab a look at the show-stopper for yourself in the video above. We’ll likely never see this kind of dramatic design from Buick, let alone any automaker, ever again.

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