The crowd gets a much closer look than they expected thanks to an idiotic Ferrari driver

Jesus, people. It’s impossible that all of you haven’t realized this by now, but cars are heavy pieces of steel that can go really fast, meaning they can kill and maim people with ease. So . . . it’s probably a really good idea to never push one to its limits within literal arm’s length of a group of pedestrians. Sort of like this jackass:

What a douche!

The two jerks in question are Canadian social media twerp Josh Cartu and Dutch DJ Afrojack. Cartu apparently has a history of doing stupid things in a Ferrari, so, you know, color everyone surprised that he’s still being dumb while behind the wheel of a car.

To top it all off, the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta in the video doesn’t even seem to be affiliated with the Gumball 3000, which is where these Shenanigans took place. Honestly, it’s impossible to tell what is more infuriating, Cartu and Afrojack doing donuts on an active street or carting a 949 horsepower spare sports car all the way to Budapest for fun.

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