A Corvette broke a track record that Ford just set

A Ford driver didn’t hold a track record for long before a rival showed up to beat it
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Ford driver Billy Johnson accidentally set a track record at Virginia International Raceway last week in the GT on a test drive. Johnson and the GT broke a Dodge Viper record, but now a competitor has broken his record just a few days later.

After seeing Ford break the record, Chevrolet sent driver Jim Mero in the new Corvette ZR1 to the track, and it was 1.37 seconds faster than the Ford GT.

The Ford GT had a time of 2:38.62, which beat Dodge’s time of 2:40.02. The Corvette ran a time of 2:37.25, according to Road and Track.

Mero is an engineer and not a professional driver, which makes the record even more impressive considering Ford used a professional driver in Johnson.

Chevy claims it wasn’t going for the record — same as Ford — and the Chevy team will be sure to let people know they also “accidentally” set the record.

Here’s the lap where Chevy set the record.

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