A company finally stepped up to make the Dodge Demon street legal

Finally, an auto-insurance option that allows Demon drivers to actually drive their cars.

Despite the ridiculous amount of power housed underneath the hood of the Dodge Demon, Hagerty Insurance Company, based in Traverse City, Michigan, has decided to take the plunge and insure the appropriately named car, allowing drivers across the country to actually drive their cars.

Hagerty is best known for its bent towards classic cars. In 1984, Frank and Louise Hagerty decided to take their passion for classic boats and start an insurance company in the family basement. By 1991, they were so successful that they were able to take their company to the road and start insuring cars. Now, Hagerty is showing its commitment to the enthusiast community by continuing to insure extreme cars. Here enters the Dodge Demon.

Head of Passenger Car Brands for Dodge and SRT, Tim Kuniskis, is grateful, saying:

“We didn’t build the Demon to be a halo car that never sees the light of day – we want to make sure that Demon owners have access to the insurance they need to get these cars out on the street, for all the Dodge//SRT enthusiasts to see and appreciate their performance.”

So the roughly 3,300 North American Demon owners can breath a sigh of relief. Now, you can legally drive your Demon without stressing over getting pulled over. Of course, you could probably lose the blue lights on a straight away, not that anyone is encouraging you to do so.*

*Seriously, don’t do it. That’s dumb.

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