This commercial for a 1996 Honda Accord is a thing of beauty

Hopefully used-car commercials with an artistic flair begin to become the norm in the very near future. Because Max Lanman’s newest creation, advertising his girlfriend’s 1996 Honda Accord, is a thing of beauty.

Lanman emailed Jason Torchinsky at Jalopnik about the car, saying:

“I made a commercial to help sell my girlfriend’s used 1996 Honda Accord (a very Meh Car).”

Lanman somehow made the used Accord look pretty fun, with drone shots from the air, showcasing it on the road, and quirky interior shots, staring a cat and a precariously perched coffee maker. The commercial, at one point, drove bids for the Accord as high as $20,600, which is a little bit more than it’s probably worth, especially considering the cat doesn’t come with the deal.

If you’re looking to buy the car, you’ll need to head over to a new eBay listing, here. Apparently the original bidding was cancelled “in error” by the bidding site, but the auction is back up and currently sitting at $540.

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