Chicago-area Subaru dealership owns private 9-acre test track

For Chicago-area locals set on purchasing a Subaru, Gerald Subaru of Naperville, Illinois is giving buyers a major reason to stop in. The dealership owns a nine-acre private test track.

The track, settled behind a group of dealerships, features variable road conditions, slopes, turns, and more for a potential owner to experience how their Subaru of choice will behave. The course doesn’t appear suitable for high-performance driving, so don’t expect to push a WRX or STI to its limits. Nonetheless, it’s still cool.

The dealership explained on its website that the company built the track to ensure every customer is comfortable with their chosen Subaru. By taking owners and potential customers onto the course, Gerald Subaru hopes individuals experience the full ownership effect before signing on the dotted line.

In the video above, we see various terrain changes such as cobblestone pavement, corners, braking zones, inclines, and perhaps a little space to accelerate with some gusto. Most of the cars included in the film simply crawl around the course at a slower speed, but we do see an area where drivers can also test out the vehicle’s all-wheel drive in gravel and rock.

A few spins around the course won’t make a professional driver, however it’s commendable to see a dealer commit to the drive experience. Have a look for yourself up above.

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