This Chevy is no ordinary Nova

Hoonigan production assistant Kanan has the coolest first car of any person alive. He very well might be the first person to transition into legal road driving with a car that had previously been driven by Kurt Russell himself.

Let the jealousy subside for a bit; it’s going to get worse before this post is done.

The specific car that Kanan lucked into is the film car from Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. You know, the murder-mobile that Russell used to kill way too many women with. On a side note, any number of killings is too many, but Russell’s character was particularly excessive in that regard. And, true to its nature, the car just couldn’t seem to not try to at least kill one person during post-build breakdown burnout phase of the video. It swung around, making a pretty solid attempt at annihilating a camera guy.

Kanan’s dad was the actual stunt driver from Death Proof, and he was able to help his son secure the ride for only $500. There’s no telling how much it’s worth now, and the world’s luckiest PA used it as a daily driver all through high school.

This whole car scream tetanus and murder.

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