Bugatti builds 100th Chiron

Bugatti staff and the 100th Chiron at Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim, France

Bugatti on Wednesday revealed it had built the 100th example of its Chiron.

The milestone was reached a little over two years since the 1,480-horsepower hypercar’s debut at the 2016 Geneva auto show.

Bugatti celebrated by taking a group shot with the car and its employees at its headquarters in Molsheim, France.

The car, which is destined for a customer in the Middle East, is the first to feature a matte finish. Dark blue carbon serves for most of the body and is contrasted by red for the iconic Bugatti side line. The price paid for this particular beauty was $3.33 million.

Bugatti is building the Chiron at a rate of 70 cars per year. With roughly 400 builds left to complete of the total 500-car production run, it means there will be Chirons rolling off the line for at least another six years.

It isn’t clear what comes after the Chiron, with Bugatti’s former boss Wolfgang Dürheimer revealing in 2017 that the company might look at a different type of car, possibly a sedan.

Before the Chiron ends production, though, we’ll be treated with more variants. We’ve already been treated with the sharper-focused Chiron Sport and no doubt there will be a more potent Chiron Super Sport at some point. There are also rumors of a “controversial” design being unveiled.

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