Bubba Wallace shredded another driver over an incident from last season

Bubba Wallace shredded another driver over an incident from last season
Todd Warshaw / Stringer

You can instantly tell that this bridge has been collecting cars all morning, and your suspicions are confirmed as the black car smacks the wall before nicely avoiding slamming into any other cars on its way down the road. Seeing the cars hopelessly stuck or sliding out of control reminded NASCAR’s Darrell ‘Bubba’ Wallace Jr. of someone he knows.

With rain and a low of 26 degrees in Knoxville, Tennessee on Monday, everyone should have been expecting ice on the roads, especially on bridges and overpasses. Unfortunately, a few drivers didn’t get the memo and fell victim to some black ice coating this overpass:

After expressing concern for the drivers involved, Wallace couldn’t help but get a dig at his fellow driver, Corey LaJoie. The Daytona incident he is referring to was when LaJoie came down pit road carrying way too much speed, narrowly avoided smashing into the back of Clint Bowyer, then slid helplessly into the wall.

Since everyone was ok, it’s easy to laugh at the incident. Plus, poking fun at other drivers is easily the best use of twitter, so we will always enjoy some innocent teasing between NASCAR personalities.

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