Brad Keselowski shows he’s not that good at basketball

Brad Keselowski shows why he should stick to racing
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Brad Keselowski is a great NASCAR driver. A two-time champion. Three-time most popular driver. Twenty-four wins in the Cup series and 36 in the Xfinity series. We could go on and on. The point is, the guy is a very accomplished racecar driver and at 33, he has a long career ahead of him, and will surely add to his accolades.

He’s also a really good guy, as witnessed by this video. He shot some baskets for charity during the Charlotte Hornet’s game, and let’s say that it didn’t go well.

Layups? He made a couple but missed many more. Free throws? He didn’t even come close to hitting the rim a couple of times. Dribbling? Granted, it’s very hard to run up and down the court in dress shoes and jeans; why didn’t anyone have a pair of Air Jordans for him to change into?

The appearance at the game and the video above proves one thing:

Kes picked the right career when he choose NASCAR.

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