BMW M2 facelift leaks showing subtle styling changes

2018 BMW M2 refresh leaked

2018 BMW M2 refresh leaked

BMW of Belgium has let the cat out of the bag. And by cat, we mean arguably one of BMW’s best sport coupes in recent times. The Belgian company published images to its website and it shows the 2018 BMW M2 in all its glory, first reported by Bimmer Today.

If it looks the same, that’s because the changes are minor. Notably, the headlights feature a sharper adaptation of BMW’s signature “angel eyes,” and look less round than before. The lights are now full LED units and feature a more pointed brow crease at the top, too. Other front end parts seem to be relatively unchanged, which isn’t a terrible thing—the M2 is already a brutish looking thing in a good way.

Moving around to the rear of the 2018 M2, it’s similarly subtle. The most observant of eyes will notice a new set of taillights. The redesigned units move the white reverse light to the bottom and the overall pattern looks slightly changed. From what we can see, the rear diffuser, exhaust, and various style lines are unchanged.

2018 BMW M2 refresh leaked

2018 BMW M2 refresh leaked

From previous spy shots, we’ve noticed a few mechanical upgrades as well. The front brake discs are slightly larger than the 2017 M2 and the muffler looked similarly enlarged from certain angles. The 2018 M2 will likely carry on with the same 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 engine, but there have been a few rumors stating the newer B58 modular design engine could find a home under the 2018 M2’s hood.

Nonetheless, expect the design tweaks to trickle down the entire 2-Series lineup sooner rather than later. And for those looking for more from the M2, hang tight for the possibility of the oft-rumored M2 CS.

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